Friday, January 18, 2008

Show for Zoppini in Florence Italy

On Nov 23 we were asked to do a very special show by our good Iao Needlemayo for RL jewelry company Zoppini in Florence (Firenze) Italy SL. We will be doing quite a few more shows for these great people who also brought world reknowned photographer David La Chapelle to SL but tonight was all about Zoppini...who gave us virtual jewels to wear for the show...and what a show it was......Iao introduced the band and the rest is history!!

Who was that beautiful man!!!!!
Ah...only in Italy......:-)

Stageship landed and the show begins!!!

Z and Shakti rocking...

I love Helmer's pink SpaceJunky TShirt.....:-)

Zavier in the yellow beams...I dont think they're radioactive?

Shakti dreams of real Zoppini jewels... how can I get him to take MY picture......?
(Izzy would kill

More Pics From This Show @


Helmer Holmer said...

"Who was that beautiful man!!!!!
Ah...only in Italy......:-)"

Hey! I am italian too ;))

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