Thursday, October 2, 2008

Radio Imago

On Sept 18th we did a show for our new sponsor Radio Imago, who are the largest web radio station in Italy, with over 550,000 listeners a month. Radio Imago was the first station in Italy to play SpaceJunky and continue to play us...Attilio we thank you for your support!

This is from their website
Imago is the web talk radio entirely dedicated to Arts, Culture and World of show business. We live Art as an universal solution, even when it gives no answers nor indications, and remains "a mere attempt". Imago wishes to be a point of reference in the artistic-cultural panorama, and is an oasis for anyone who is thirsting for that which is Good.

If you want to listen to Imago you can go to their website at and they are also the first of 80 stations in the new SpaceJunky mp3 player which can be purchased with the new SpaceJunky EP at SpaceJunky Island.

Pure Light

Rainbow Colors

Shak & Z

Zaviers Fire Sticks

Message From Planet 7

Yes They Are Out There

What was that chord again?

Cosmic Purple Glow

Z On Fire!

More Pics From This Show @

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