Monday, July 28, 2008

Tibet Peace Torches in SL for RL Candle 4 Tibet Campaign

First Torch On The Grid @ Shangria

Candle For Tibet
Join the Greatest Light Protest On Earth!

taken from official website......
August 7th 2008 is the day before the opening ceremony of The Olympic Games in Beijing. On this day we aim to create the world's greatest LIGHT PROTEST, when people from all over the world will light a candle and say YES to freedom in Tibet! We are not against the Olympics or anything else for that matter we stand for Freedom. Period.

In support of this event in SL on August 7th & 8th at Shangria SpaceJunky will host a Temple Of Love Festival at their HQs on Shangria in support of the "candle for tibet project". Lets light up the grid with torches!!

To get your large free Tibetan Peace Torch and poster for your sim go to the LM below
Please send a notecard to Bella Dutton or Shakti Cianci with the name of your sim so we know where they are placed. Then go to the official website and register your candle.

Send us your pics of the Tibetan Peace Torch on your sim as Izzy Cole Photography is donating 5000L for the most beautiful setting of the torch,which will be judged by Shakti Cianci and Izzy Cole and announced on August 8th at the Festival.

For more info on the Temple Of Love Festival as it happens bookmark this blog
Shakti will do an interview with Angelico Babii on The Late Show on August 1st on MBCTV

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Inspire Design

MoonSmart Events

Izzy Cole Photography

Crystal Gypsy Design

View video "Temple Of Love" by Shakti Cianci filmed in Tibet!

Please click on link to vote this video on TV!

Inner Goddess

On July 17th we were invited by Hecate Cortes to play at Inner Goddess on a beautiful Pagan sim, the show was sponsored by Lapoint Designs/Bastchild Designs and Celeron of Urban Trash, Shakti and the boys wore their jewelry and Celerons great designs and the cosmic love flowed. Thank you to Hecate and her beautiful family for inviting us into this great space full of love and light!

Hecate writes......

"Welcome to Inner Goddess, A Club like No other. Here in this Magickal Tree Romance fills the airm and when this Romance is seen then Magic is see all around at the tree strings to life. This Mighty and Ancient Tree welcomes each of you, and even extends her branches for you to sit on. Sit an relaxs as she offers you some Herbal tea and Entertainment. Of course you are welcome to take the hand of your partner and dance."

A great crowd of great people!

Go Z!

All hail the mighty Zaphod!
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The Galaxy Dome at Shangria

July 13th a party broke out in the Dome on Shangria and DJ Koba was in the house. DJ Koba will be the resident DJ Friday nights at the if youre in the neighbourhood come on down...!

DJ Koba......

Dannon...... creator of Shangria's Rave Club
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Bare Rose

On the 5th of July is was back to our good friends Bare Rose, and what a night it was, June had just released some new designs so they were hot off the press and I wore a beautiful new outfit called Black Mist - Thanks June & Tori and all the staff for another great night at Bare Rose!

Rockin' It Up

The Rainbow Body....
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Shangria - Mission Control

4th of July at Shangria!


Yes they are out there.....:-)

Guess who's getting a new drumkit soon...

Rockgod at work...Raffa Boogie?

PQE hits the stage....
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Friday, July 11, 2008

Shakti Interviewed "On When Worlds Collide" Radio Show with Cypress Rosewood

On June 23rd Shakti was invited to be a special guest on the radio show "When World's Collide" with Cypress Rosewood. Cypress is a wonderful musician himself and you can catch up with his shows at In fact Cypress did a wonderful performance at Shangria Beach recently and you don't want to miss this wonderful SL & Rl artist.

The link from the interview with Shakti is here

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SpaceJunky Play The Realm

On June 20th SpaceJunky landed the mothership at The Realm!

Wicked Light Show!

SpaceJunky Interviewed For Brand New Show "The Scene"

On June 17th SpaceJunky were the featured artist on a brand new show called "The Scene", on MetaNetworks News. The show is hosted by Isadora Fiddlesticks and the band performed Killer Coat. Then Shakti and Zaphod were interviewed.

You can see the show here at