Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life On Line - 1st Epiosde

Hey Everyone, Just a quick thanks to everyone on the cast and crew of LifeOnLine, I thought everyone did a great job,and with 10,818 hits in 4 days I'd say we are off to a good start.
I'd like to especially thank all the SpaceJunky Crew who worked so hard on this, Dannon Robbiani for the LifeOnLine set build and Tommy Parrott for the SpaceJunky Amphitheatre which is our soundstage. If want to visit the set you are more than welcome which is filmed in Second Life at SpaceJunky Island and if you aren't in Second Life - why not?
I also want to thank Izzy Cole for the pictures and Bella Dutton who worked tirelessly around the clock on sending media releases for SL to all the press and magazines about the premiere of the show in Second Life.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Deans Vegas

On Jan 16th we did a show for Deans Vegas and Shakti wore a new design by Bare Rose called SpaceHeart! See Bellas's blog for more info

More Pics From This Show @

Bare Rose 2nd Birthday Show!

On Dec 21st SpaceJunky performed at the Bare Rose sim at the WhiteWolf stage. June Dion and her staff at Bare Rose have been huge supporters of SpaceJunky wth June herself creating beautiful 1-of -a-kind designs for Shakti to wear at her concerts before releasing them to the public. SpaceJunky loves Junes designs and most of the time when you see Shakti she will be rockin one of June's designs. Happy Birthday Bare Rose!

Moer about this show at Bella's blog

More Pics From This Show @

Amsterdan Arena!

On Dec 2oth SpaceJunky played Amsterdam Arena.
See Bella's blog here for more info on the show!

SpaceJunky Island Opening!

On October 18th SpaceJunky Island opened! Here is where the band amphitheatre is featured and the island has just got a showcase on the Second Life website! The island features a beautiful beach, concert arena, shopping including some of SL's best designers, meditation pyramid and even a spacepark!

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Come see the island, rent a house or store and hang out. Join the SpaceJunky Island group to be invited to VIP events!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sony Acid Remix Party - Winners Announced!

On Oct 17th the party was on at the new SpaceJunky Island with the very first show there being the Sony Acid Remix Party. This was the very first time Sony Creative Software had hosted a RL remix contest with a band in Real Life & Second Life at the same time. There were about 18 prizes given away that night including a SONY Play Station, Loop CDs and heaps of their great software including Vegas and SoundForge. SpaceJunky Island was filled to capacity and the party started SpaceJunky style with a great show from the band followed by the Acid Remix Party where the real life winners of the remix contest were announced in Second Life first before appearing on the official website. The winner was in Second Life and his name was "Metaphysics" for his Metaphysics Remix. Congratulations!! and a huge thanks to Voxana Quan from Sony for all her hard work, along with the SpaceJunky Crew, Bella, Tommy Izzy and Dannon. Another first for SpaceJunky!

SpaceJunky Releases A Special SL Only Acid Remix EP

SpaceJunky Guitar & Acid Guitar Created Especially For The Event By
OD Designs With Shakti Cianci For SpaceJunky

Shakti Comes Down To Open The Show In A Giant Crystal Star

Shakti Lands

Party Starting

Acid Life

Z With The New SpaceJunky Guitar

Shakti Welcomes Everyone

Shakti Tells The Crowd About The Great Sony Prizes Given Away That Evening

Party In Full Swing

I Am What I Am

Looking Down from Above

Looks Like A Trip!


Looking On

Pretty In Purple

Acid Planet Logo In Background

Zavier @ His New Kit!

Everyone Arrives By Teleport To The Earth View In Preparation For The Shuttle Ride To Party

And Off Into Space In The Shuttle!

Everyone Arrives @The Galaxy Dome Hoping For Some Of the Great Sony Prizes!

The Party Starts!

DJ Koba Playing The Hottest Mixes From The Contest

Dousa Dragonash From MBC

Shakti & Zaphod

Waiting For The Next Prize Drop!


Members Of Alpha Crew Chillin'

SpaceJunky Publicist Bella Models The Acid Planet Uniform Created by Bare Rose
Especially For The Event. Thanks June!

DJ Loch In The House!

Shakti & Izzy Take It All In

Many Thanks 2 Voxana Quan From Sony For All Her Help!

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