Thursday, April 16, 2009

SpaceJunky Rock Princeton University!!

On March 21st SpaceJunky were honored to be invited to play at the sim of none other than the esteemed Princeton University. We want to thank Poid and Persis for making this possible and a great night was had...we even helped a student with her research it is said....hope she wasn't researching how many bottles of JD are consumed before a show...because it's only Izzy that drinks....yes he drank them he Bella?
More @ Bella's Blog here
Waiting for the show to start...

Shakti and Zaphod get close for a shot

oooooh is that Stretch Mayo...SL's famous raptor...wonder if he's filming....?

Cosmic Love abounds!

Dream Dancin'

Shakti addresses the crowd..

The crowd enjoys the show..

Radio of SpaceJunky's sponsors and a great radio station in Italy!

Rockin out SJ style

Planet 7 comes to Princeton!

The power of the cosmos....

Z on fire!

Yeah Z I'm feeling it....

Black & White ....pure PQE.

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Izzy & Zaphod's Birthday

Well tis the season for birthdays it seems! On March 21st it we had a party for Izzy's birthday and Zaphods so birthday JD was called for and heavily passed fact did Izzy pass out or was he just so tired from dancing on top of that car with Ravin...yes we had a SpaceJunky show followed by a race car party at the new Planet 7 speedway! More below.....

Strike a pose!

Play it Z...

Oooooh the splits?

Tommy pulls up in his new ride.

Rockin @ the raceway...go Izzy!

PQE @ full tilt!

Bella flips her car and ends up in an Art Gallery....
Maeve are your drawings OK??

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Dannon's Birthday!

March 8th was our good friends birthday in RL.....Dannon Robbiani.....kitty in

We had a private party for him and his friends before moving over to the SpaceJunky amp where we rocked a SpaceJunky show for him and the rest of Alpha Crew....Kitty even got up on stage, then DJ Dubtrix set up at Shangria Beach.....for the party on out....

Dannon says Hi to his friends

The party was held at the same house that will be given away to the lucky winner rent free for 2 months for more info go to
Yes there is a yacht docked at the private jetty!

Go Zaphod!

Nice in yellow!

Whoa Tommy! You got some new lights!

Bang those skins Zavier

Roar Kitty!

Dannon gets jiggy with it!