Friday, October 9, 2009

Crystal City Opening @ SpaceJunky Island!

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The brand new SpaceJunky Amphitheatre @ The Crystal City

On the 18th September SpaceJunky Island redesigned and re opened with a floating city made of crystals. It was a great show with one of the biggest turn outs comprising of all friends and followers of the band. All of the designers have opened up new modern stores, from Bare Rose to Solanges and BDD. The Street Scene covered the opening and a lot of different pr media people came to the opening as well and all were in awe of such an an amazing energy which could be felt here at the new sim re design.
SpaceJunky performed a magical show, drawing so much energy. They even launched and performed a couple of new songs which haven’t been heard before. Shakti wore one of B@R newest designs which is exclusively available here at the Island. Purple Tennyo it is a real danski free flowing design.
Crystals have some effects over our energy balance; you could feel that here at Crystal City. SpaceJunky Island replenishes the body with positive energy. When l look at the Quantum Theory it considers the universe and all things that make it existing in empty with forms of energy moving within space which includes physical body and space with energy flowing to infinite forms thru its own space . Crystal City here at SpaceJunky Island immerses that energy which vibrates thru the sim in both physical and non physical realms and the energy is purified round them.
When l did further research l found crystals are made layers.
1. Etheric- reflects state of the body
2. Astral- emotional feeling
3. Mental- thoughts
4. Mental Higher –intuition
5. Spiritual essence of self.

The amethyst is quartz and has a purple colour due to iron and aluminum. Certain stones and crystals emit vibrations and can absorb and store energy. Some also have the ability to bend or refract light which create a rainbow effects. When you gaze into a crystal you feel a strange bliss it can attract to you ways beyond aesthetic which magnetizes spiritually and metaphysically. They synchronize the bodies’ energies with its surroundings and protect mind and body.
In Second Life we live in a crystal made up of particles. There is an element of silicon and o2 molecules which are arranged with geometric precision and care which generate force and we are lucky to be part of that in both physical and non physical realm

Tanya Roberston
aka Bella Dutton Virtual Music Publicist
Photos Izzy Cole

The Shopping Plaza

Shakti & Zaphod strut their stuff..

The crowd enjoys..

Bare Rose created Shakti's new outfit Purple Tennyo! You can buy at the island!

Dannon looks on...the builder of the incredible Crystal City

Planet 7 makes an appearance

Tommy lights up the city!

Dancing the night away..

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