Monday, August 31, 2009

Vulcania Estates

On June 5th we played the beautiful Vulcania Estates!
Planet 7 arrives.....

Play it Z..

Shakti talks as Izzy looks on, hoping for a good angle...:-)

I can't see!

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Pride Festival

On May 30th we played Pride 2009.
PQE was strong!

Zaphod looks like he has forgotten a chord.

Shakti @ the B3

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Tornado City

On April 25 we did a show for Tornado City.
Is that the sun?


Dream Dancing

Getting Down

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Ivy Falls - NORML

On April 20th we did a show for our good friends Moxy Barracuda & Rekka Berchot at Ivy Falls to help raise awareness for NORML an organization working to reform marijuana laws.

Hmmm...wonder which side of the arguement Tommy is on?

Z adds some electricity to the show.

Ivy Falls

Shakti goes Neko.

Asking the cosmos to intervene
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