Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SpaceJunky @ BURNING LIFE!

Well we'd like to thank the Lindens for giving us a large plot of land for our theme camp this year. This will be the very first Burning Life we've played at and the band is excited.
The theme for our camp will be "Planet 7 - SpaceJunky Dimension" the dimension of cosmic love and PQE (positive quantum energy) and will feature fireworks by our very own Zen Master T as well as nightly concerts by the band.
Shakti will be doing special meditation events and Dannon will be doing a storynight as well. Tommy has set the stage along with some SpaceJunky Zen domes for you to chill out in when it's quiet as well as Shaktis custom crystal chakra bed for you to relax on and listen to some meditation music. Bella surveyed the land and told Shakti it needed more crystal and Izzy will be taking lots of pics....stay tuned..and then Dannon dropped a big pyramid over the top to keep the energy going strong...look out it's going to be a good week...get lots of rest!!!!

Sneak Peak!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bare Rose 3rd Anniversary!

On August 30th we played Bare Rose's 3rd Anniversary. It was a full sim as to be expected as for a Bare Rose party and June dressed us in the style we've become accustomed to. Happy Anniversary June, I cant wait til I one day wear your clothes on a RL stage......YAY!
You spin me round round baby right

The aliens took Tommy.........I'm serious....!

Z Man in Bare Rose threads...looking fab.

Someone get me a drink....please?

Is that a spider on your back Zav?

Later everyone went back to Shakti's pad to chill....
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Shangria Fundraiser

On August 29th SpaceJunky played a show as a fundraiser for the new SpaceJunky Island. They are purchasing the sim and will soon have residential areas available for 6 special Alpha Crew, who will be become SpaceJunky Patrons on the island. Auction items featured items from BAre Rose, Solanges DeWitt Gallery, Urban Trash & Hex which all have stores on the Island in SpaceJunky Plaza. More to come!!!

Amber glow....

Awwww.....the pretty...

I'm up here

Hmmm......and tomorrows show is Bare Rose's 3rd Anniversary.....what will I wear?

Purple burst.....

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Temple Of Love Show @ Shangria

On August 8th, SpaceJunky took the stage to support Peace in Tibet, the show was at HQs on Shangria.......
Shakti opens the show with Temple of Love in honor of Peace in Tibet

Buddha looks on.....

Go Z......

Shakti struts her stuff....

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