Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Millions Of Us Christmas Party

On Dec 6th we played a show at the Amp for Millions Of Us who were kind enough to give us a land grant for our HQs. Celebrity MillionsofUs came by and the Millions crew and Alpha crew mingled for a great night of Holiday Cheer...you can see Celebrity's blog here from the show.


You're such a rockgod Z..

Splitz anyone!

Tommy lights up the world..

Izzy did you get Shak's good side?

Pretty In Purple
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Introducing WIzard Gynoid

In Wizzi's profile it says she wants to "live like a movie star, party like a rockstar and....." well we wont get into that....LOL......Meet Wizard Gynoid but you can call her Wizzi. Wizzi is our wonderful Calendar Queen who keeps our shows posted for SpaceJunky. Always has a beautiful smile like all our SJ girls and shares her warmth through delightful giggles. She's a High Priestess so what she says goes.....:-)

She's also a talented builder and scriptor and she specializes in Sacred Geometry. We have collaborated on some creations such as the Cosmic Love Generator that we will be using our shows in 2008 and she is the creator of the giant stellated rhombicuboctahedron, (thats' clever talk for "huge star") you can see from the air at our HQ's on Tunes Island.. Stop by Mission Control to learn more about them and other items we have for sale.

Friday, January 18, 2008

SpaceJunky plays Taris the Star Wars Sim!

On Nov 30th we played the Star Wars Sim at the invitation of the owner, our good friend Furia, to come and bring some PQE and Cosmic Love and mingle with the force and the result was one of the bands favorite shows in SL so far. The bands friend Wizzi Gynoid had performed the hook up between Furia and Shakti and we'll be introducing you to Wizzi soon as the newest member of our production crew.

Bobafett was in residence to inform Shakti that she had a bounty on her head and it was one of the highest in the universe......Shakti earlier had laughed at this and reminded Bobafett that the show had been designated a no combat zone therefore he would not be granted permission to the Sim if he was there to cause trouble......Bobafett rescinded and told Shakti he would behave by being her security for the evening incase there were other bounty hunters lurking....Shakti agreed but was reminded that once the stageship left Taris all bets were off to which Shakti replied........you'll never catch my ship......LOL.......!!

You can also read Bella's blog for this show here....http://alphacrew.ning.com/profiles/blog/show?id=1171401:BlogPost:3322

Bobafett on his best behaviour

Feeling the force!

I wonder just how high that bounty is?

Other aliens drop in for the show..

Dreaming of peace in the universe..

Cosmic Love is flowing...

PQE joins the force.

Tegg our new mascot in the background there...

Furia shows her stuff....
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The Opening Of Kia Kaha Sim

On Nov 25th we opened the Kia Kaha Sim at their amazing Antfield Stadium. This is a NZ and Australian based sim and a great time was had.......check out a football game sometime!

PQE was in full force this night!

Z looks like he's about to catch a football!
Shakti checks the PQE

Z and Shakti compare notes...

Nem doing her stuff...

Cosmic Love 2 All

Shakti in the lightbeams

Did some one kick a goal Z?
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Show for Zoppini in Florence Italy

On Nov 23 we were asked to do a very special show by our good Iao Needlemayo for RL jewelry company Zoppini in Florence (Firenze) Italy SL. We will be doing quite a few more shows for these great people who also brought world reknowned photographer David La Chapelle to SL but tonight was all about Zoppini...who gave us virtual jewels to wear for the show...and what a show it was......Iao introduced the band and the rest is history!!

Who was that beautiful man!!!!!
Ah...only in Italy......:-)

Stageship landed and the show begins!!!

Z and Shakti rocking...

I love Helmer's pink SpaceJunky TShirt.....:-)

Zavier in the yellow beams...I dont think they're radioactive?

Shakti dreams of real Zoppini jewels...

Hmmmm...now how can I get him to take MY picture......?
(Izzy would kill me...lol)

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2nd Show For 5 O Clock Somewhere

On Nov 17th we took the stage again to rock it for the 2nd time at 5 0 Clock Somewhere!!

Z steps up the front for a solo!

Shakti prays the stageship is out there somewhere...
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SpaceJunky Amphitheater for 5 O CLock Somewhere!

On Nov 16th we did 2 shows for the birthday of the 5 O Clock Somewhere Beach! We had an accident earlier and crashed the stageship so we quickly moved the shows to our new home on Tunes Island while encouraging everyone to go back to the beach after the show and have some chill time at what has to be one of the favorite beach venues in SL. The party got rocking and soon we'd forgotten about the spaceship which was in orbit somewhere in pieces....LOL

Shakti works out on her Pink B3.

Always thought Shakti was Pleadian!

At home at their new "home".

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SpaceJunky Amphitheatre Grand Opening Of Mission Control

On Nov 10th we had the Grand Opening of the SpaceJunky Amphitheater - Mission Control on Tunes Island built by our very own Mr Tommy Parrott. Tommy is a master builder as well as SpaceJunky's stage manager and lighting designer and a HUGE thank you goes out to him for his hard work and beautiful build as well as Millions Of Us who were kind enough to let us build on Tunes Island. Shakti took care of the HQs building where there is a listening room that connnects you through to iTunes and CdBaby to listen or purchase their album "Resident Alien". Also in the sky is a meditation pyramid which will be opening soon which will feature a meditation bed where you will be able to listen to excerpts from "7 tears of tara" a meditation CD on the 7 chakras by Shakti. But back to the opening........

Shakti got her hair done especially for the occaison!

Thanks again to Millions Of Us!