Friday, December 28, 2007

Introducing Nemesis Greatrex - PQE Specialist

I can't even remember where we met Nemesis as it seems like she has been with us forever. Originally a friend of Bella's and member of QT Labs she is our PQE Energy Specialist at our shows. Shakti in RL is a light worker and uses many different energy techniques in RL healing sessions but all have their root in the same place...positive quantum energy.....anyway Nem would show up bringing an abundance with her in the form of light effects she would shower the crowd with so Shakti asked her to come on aboard as part of the production crew. SpaceJunky are all about cosmic you cant have that without positive energy!

Now if she didnt have a heart full of PQE and a focused intention it would just be pretty lights but let me just say this...the girl is an angel....and anyone who has stood next to her when she lets forth with a burst of PQE has felt it.........we love you Nem and our proud to have you as part of our family. And the end of the show has to be experienced when Shakti and Nemesis detonate a double nuke of Cosmic Love and PQE.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

SpaceJunky "Virtual Concerts" In Second Life

RL band SpaceJunky are reaching out to fans all over the world by using the virtual world of Second Life. Already in a few short months of playing "virtual concerts" they have a fan base of hundreds that reguarly come to shows to dance, interact with the band and each other and share the "cosmic love".
If you dont know anything about this do now....come on what are you waiting for?
Once you have an avatar in Second Life, come back here and click the link below and you will be taken straight into Second Life and teleport to SpaceJunky's State Of The Amphitheatre and Mission Control HQs where you can join the Alpha Crew Fan Club and come to a show.
......Its Free!!!

Click On Link Below To Go Into Second Life and straight to SpaceJunky's Mission Control HQ & Amphitheater!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Red Rocks

On Nov 3rd we played the beautiful Red Rocks. Great Spirit prevailed after a lot of technical issues and bugs and while we ramped up the PQE Boogdoggle (Red Rocks Owner and resident medicine man) blew sage in our direction and communed with Great Spirit until the storms had passed and the log in problems dissapated and the energy soared and fun was had.
Is that smoke from the sage?
At one with the Red Rocks

Now We're Rocking

Thank you again Great Spirit
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Breast Cancer Awareness Benefit

On Oct 28th we did a Breast Cancer Awareness Show for Susan G Komen For The Cure. It was organised by our great friend Akasha Divisadero and money was raised for a great cause. Our publicist Bella wrote about the show on her blog on our fansite

Rocking Out!

Looking At The World Upside Down

The Beautiful Akasha

The Crowd Is Rocking!

Pretty In Pink

Zaphod Playing The Blues!

Sublime Goddess

On Oct 27th we were invited back to Sublime Goddess and as usual a good time was had by all. And the UFO landed right on cue as always....yes they are "out there".

Sing it Shakti!

Yeah Z is a rock god.......

Where is that alien?

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

VLS......Moxy's Birthday!!!!!!

On Oct 28th we were invited back to VLS by a good friend Rekka Berchot for a very special occaison Moxy Barracuda's birthday!!!!! It was a rocking night especially when Shakti invited Moxy up on stage to jam with them! Go Moxy...if you havent heard him yet...look up a show and on....he puts on a great show and is a lot of fun.

Shakti, Moxy and Zaphod Jamming Together!

Bringing in the cosmic energy

Zavier slamming the groove

The Stage

I Am What I Am

PQE hits an all time high!

Play it Moxy!!!

Another Great Show!
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Sea Dreams Culture Club

Oct 20th saw us rushing to a show to set up quickly.....Tommy had his hands full as there weren't
enough prims but being the consumate pro that he is all went smoothly and the night was full of Cosmic Love and PQE.

Happy Birthday Riff Club!!!!

On Oct 10 we played the 1st birthday of the Riff and it rocked as usual....Loch, Barbie, and Selina sure know how to get the party started and keep it rocking and rocking and rocking and we were just glad to be a part of it with these great you guys...

Bella brought the birthday cake and danced on it.....

Shakti wonders if she should get on the cake with Bella....

Zaphod youre such a

Nemesis lets go with a burst of PQE
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Imogens Going Away Party

Well on Oct 6th we did a going away party for Imogen who was going to see her SL sweetheart in RL. Her friends surprised her with a party and we held it at our as yet unopened new SpaceJunky Amphitheater Mission Control.......and we rocked!


PQE was running high this evening

Imogen thinking of her sweetheart!

Mmmmmm Zaphod..
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back At The RIff Club! - SIM CAPPED

Sept 29th saw us back at the Riff Club...yes we managed to get in early so we weren't locked it wasnt long before the SIM was full....Alpha Crew were in chat mode throughout the show and some were even trawling the SIM boundaries trying to get in......while Shakti and Nemesis were ramping up the PQE to squeeze them into that too full SIM.....Shakti was telling the crowd to get pull together and beam them in and what do you know all of a sudden.......there they were...they were in! Flown to the SIM boundary and just wouldnt take no for an answer....even though the SIM was capped...You got love a healthy does of PQE and Cosmic Love.

Lasers Of Love

Who Me?

Is This Dress Too Short?

Caught In The Alien Solar Flare - Solarised!!

Jump For Joy

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Imogen Designs - SIM CRASHED

On Sept 29th Tommy rezzed us a stage outside a beautiful store called Imogen Designs owned by Imogen Demozay. Imogen Designs is a wonderful furniture store with 8000ms of everything you could possibly want for your home. The party rocked so hard we crashed the SIM 2/3rd of the way through the show which is a terrible way to end a party....getting sent home! I felt so bad the show ended like that but we were soon to learn Imogen was off to meet her SL love in RL Christos Atlantis and we had been asked to do her going away party at our new Amphitheatre....stay tuned...cosmic love beams coming.........

Zaphod's On Fire!

in A Blue Mood

Saturn In The Background

Roland Keyboards Always Rock

Look At Those Lights!

Party!! PArty!!
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Grote Market - Groningen

On Sept 29th we played a festival in Groningen which is in Holland. It was a great night
and these people know how to party! Ivo Krupinski filmed the event and we'll soon have in up for you to see. In fact when Bella checked in with him last night it seems he was listening to SpaceJunky and working on it, stay tuned for more details!!!
Band is rocking!

Shakti talks to the crowd.

Zaphod waves to his

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Sublime Goddess Festival

On Sept 22nd we played the Sublime Goddess Festival, which is a Witchcraft Sim devoted to Magic in SL. It was a great show and the place is full of "good vibes".
Spreading Cosmic Love!

Shakti Goes Into Trance