Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Killer Coat Video!!

And we have more Killer Coat Pics!!!!! Stretch is editing as we speak.........cant wait!

Green, Green, Green

Etain from Dark Eden!

Shak thinking about that coat....

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Sony AcidPlanet Remix Contest!!! Remix Gravitational Pull!!!

For Immediate Release

RL/SL band SpaceJunky's involvement with SL has resulted in Sony Creative Software's AcidPlanet hosting a remix contest for their song Gravitational Pull.This is the same remix contest that they have hosted for the likes of Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Nine Inch Nails and Black Eyed Peas.

This came about because of SpaceJunky's involvement with SL and their recent story on CNN International about how the band is using SL to reach out to music fans all over the world.
How To Enter
First, create your remix of "Gravitational Pull." If you don't already have ACID® software, download the free ACID XPRESS™ software. Next, download some of the loops. Using the ACID music creation software, paint the loops into your remix. When you're finished, return to this page and click the Upload My Entry button. Upload your track, and you've entered the contest.

The contest closes on July 11th and Shakti and the band will choose the winner, they also have plans to host some rave parties featuring their favorite remixes from SL and yours could be one of them. If you come to AcidPlanet from SL be sure and leave a message on the forums and your profile saying that you heard about the contest in SL. So far there are over 60 remixes up even thought its only been going 2 weeks, get yours in NOW!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tommy in Second Life Herald

Our very talented Tommy just got a write up in Second Life Herald. Tommy is an amazing builder and content provider, so we wanted to make sure you got to read this article. Congrats T.


More Killer Coat Video!!

On May 18th and June 7th we shot more of the video for the song Killer Coat, which will feature the coats by June Dion of Bare Rose and Etain Peregrine of Dark Eden. It is being shot by the legendary Stretch Mayo who has done amazing work in SL, including his show "All Rezzed Up" which was featured on Verizon's website for some time. Shakti has seen a rough edit from Stretch and it's going to be awesome! You can see Stretch's work here at his website http://www.stretchmayo.com/ and catch up with Bare Rose and Dark Eden on their blogs
How Do I Look?........lol

Stretch and Shakti discussing a shot

Oh No! Etain it's SOLD!!

Don't mess with these fillys.......!!

Play it Z..put your heart into it....lol

Shak & Kitty go shopping....(Kitty otherwise known as Dannon, but he is in danger of stealing the whole video due to uncontrollable cuteness, so Shak is keeping his ego in check by referring to him only as "Kittyboy".

Work it, work it!

Shak works its while Z rocks it!

Later that night Dannon took us up to the cove in his latest spaceship to party!
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shakti's Going Away Party

On May 17th Bella and the rest of the production crew threw a going away party for Shakti, as she was about to go on a 10 day retreat with a high Tibetan Lama to learn an ancient healing system from Tibet that some say is the origion of reiki. Bella never does anything by half meausures and so when Shakti arrived there were angel wings and halos for everyone. It was at the Shangria Falls, Shakti's favorite place in all SL and they got Cypress Rosewood to play,
and Tommy did his awesome fireworks, and we hung out at the PQE meditation circle that Dannon built for Shakti, Shakti said it was one of her favorite nights in SL ever. Thank you to Bella, Izzy, Tommy, Dannon and Wizzi for making it happen, and a special hug for Bella.......:-)

Shakti is soo happy with her friends.

Dancing with her sister Bella.

Play it Cypress!!

And the angels dance!

And they dance!

Izzy And Bella!

Wizzi and the angels....

Shakti's is blissed out!

Opening of Tibet Sim from Shangria

On May 11th we opened the Tibet sim with a celebration at Shangria. Shangria is turning out to be a great new home for SpaceJunky and we hope to host many great events there in the coming months. Soon we wil be announcing our new stores with some top SL designers, along with the Inspire Center which features products by the Inspire Team of Dannon Robbiani & Sion Bedrosian.

Shakti arrives in a crystal merkabah

Pulling in the cosmic energy

Zaphod spreads the love

A shower of positive energy fills the air.

Bare Rose

On May 4th we were invited to play for Bare Rose by June Dion. It was a wonderful show and packed full of Alpha Crew & Junes VIPS. Bare Rose is one of Shakti's favorite designers in SL and it was an honor to do a show for them. Bare Rose wil also be having a satellite store at Shangria so we're very excited about that too. More to come!

Glamor Shot By Izzy

Happy in her Killer Coat!

Zaphod wears Bare Rose well!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Official Opening Of Shangria!

On May 3rd we officially opened Shangria, and a great night was had, the sim was full and everyone had a great time. We had giveaways distributed throughout the sim in the form of a treasure hunt and thre were great prizes from Bare Rose, Aussie Icons, CC's Designs, Celeron Voom, Ginsberg Gallery, Smart Staging & Lighting & Inspire Design to name just a few and we thank everyone who donated something for this great night and truly helped to make it special.

Shakti came down for the opening of the show in a purple crystal merkabah (designed by Wizzi Gynoid) to the song Temple Of Love

Tommys lights were spectacular.....

Shakti meditates for world peace.......

Rockin out.....

June Dion from Bare Rose in her winning design....Light In The Void!

Etain Peregrine from Dark Eden in her winning design!

Alpha Crew rocking those silks....

Go Zaphod......new hud?

The dancefloor is a chojung, which is a Tibetan symbol, meaning
"absolute space within a boundary of frame". It was designed by Shakti and brought to life by Dannon of Inspire Design.

Pretty lights!!!

PQE at its finest....go Nemesis!

Yes Dannon Im sorry we are taking down the property value, but its your fault,what were you thinking giving a rock band half your sim.......lol

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Merovingi Fashion Awards

On April 26th we played a show at Shangria, the very first one actually for the opening of the
Merovingi Fashion Awards a fundraiser for cancer which was simulcast into the theatre at the Merovingi Sim. It was a great night of fashion and the winners of the Killer Coat Award were Bare Rose and Dark Eden, with June Dion and Etain Peregrine taking the honors respectively.

Shakti invited Dannon Robbiani the owner of Shangria onstage insupport of "virtual fur"

and he stole the show.....sooo cute!

Shakti and Zaphod announce the winners.

Then rock up the stage!

The first show at Shangria was a success!

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Italian Beach Club

On April 22 we played another show on an Italian sim.....always a pleasure to play in Italy!

Shakti and Zaphod rocking at the beach.

Hmmm, who was that beautiful Italian man??

Always a great time in Italy!

Planet 7 comes to visit.

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Club D'Fine

On April 20th we did a show for the good people at D'Fine and it was a fundraiser for Tibet with pictures of HH the Dalai Lama, a great night was had for a good cause. Tibet is always close to Shakti's heart and our prayers go out to those in Tibet at this time.

Shakti and the Dalai Lama
Shakti in Red

Go Zaphod!

PQE Filled The Air!

The spaceship came......again!
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