Thursday, August 21, 2008

JCNY Model Fest Awards Show

On August 1st we played the JCNY Model Fest Awards Show. If you dont' know the JCNY Collection you dont know SL's Favorite Diamond Jeweler. These designs are beautiful with an eye for detail that is exquisite. After some technical problems it was decided to move the show at the last minute to Shangria and after getting everyone there safely the show was packed and a raging success. Models and beautiful people abounded and cosmic love was everywhere. JD was cool as a cucumber and you could tell that she has a devoted clientele and fan base. SpaceJunky took the stage and ripped it up with the sim packed to capacity for the whole show!
Thanks JCNY Collection! Check them out here...

More Pics From This Show @

Gravitational Pull on Late Show with Angelico Babii

SpaceJunky's video Gravitational Pull was recently featured on The Late Show with Angelico Babii, if you haven't seen the show you can watch it here!

And they've just been invited back again to play Killer Coat video!!!

Bare Rose Grand Opening @ Shangria!

On August 1st we celebrated the opening of Bare Rose at Shangria. The store at Shangria will feature June's latest fashions so if youre in the mood to top up your Bare Rose wardrobe and need to get in quick and see the latest designs, Shangria is the place to do it. June has told us that the styles will be updated monthly so you'll always have the latest fashions available at Shangria.

Also we released that night the new video for Killer Coat! Filmed by the fabulous Stretch mayo himself! You can watch it below and it features Bare Rose and Dark Edens winning entries for the Killer Coat Award at the Merovingi Fashion Awards worn by June & Etain in person!!

June has also done a purple version of "Light In The Void" which was her winning entry which will only be sold at Shangria!! Thanks Tori & June!

Killer Coat......A Stretch Mayo Film

And the colors begin!

Neon prevails!

Wait...Shakti has purple hair?


On July 25th SpaceJunky landed the mothership at Mediaculture which is a European based musician representation company operated in Second Life by Joy Ash. Joy’s ultimate goal is to bring Real Life exposure to the many talented musicians in Second Life. For more info check out her website

Feeling the positive energy flow

Rockin' out in style..

They keep coming.....

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shakti's Rez Day!

On July 24th it was Shaktis turn and the SpaceJunky crew gave her one hell of a party. When she logged in that day...Egypt had been created for her including a brand new pyramid house...with her trademark crystal interior of Yes Dannon had created Egypt Park high in the sky with a beautiful dancefloor in between the 3 pyramids....if only the guy could
Then Bella, Izzy and Tommy told her that Moxy Barracuda & Cypress were going to serenade her then DJ Yoni was coming to rock on into the night after that....whew ...lots of partying to be were coming and going late into the night and Alpha Crew was out in full force for the party.....i think Shak was still opening presents the next day! .....including a custom made designer outfit Bella commissioned specially from Bare Rose.....complete with Tibetan symbols on the back, Egyptian decorations, Tommys custom wind chimes and of course Izzy took pics......look below.

I feel like Tinker

Shak's new house!

Izzy and party....


Dannon as Anubis...guarding the

Cypress set the mood.....
More Pics From Shak's Rez Day @

Bellas Rez Day!

On July 19th it was Miss Bellas rezday so we started the event with a special meditation that Shakti did for Bella during Cypress Rosewood's performance. This all happened at Shangria Beach and if you havent been there you should its a beautiful relaxing spot with a hidden room behind the you didnt know that!Then it was over to the Galaxy Dome where Miss Bella had a surprise guest a male exotic dancer.....Mr Pwei Morrisey, ifyou havent seen him in action girls...nice.....very
Miss Bella making her birthday wish!

Play it Cypress!

The Cosmic Love Shower...
you can meditate in the crystal star too...available for purchase in SpaceJunky's store

Happy Birthday Wishes Bella!

Hmmmm....he's cute.....:-)
More Pics From Bella's RezzDay @

Second Pride Festival!

On July 18th we played Second Pride, we had played this event last year and it was one of the very first shows we played in Second Life so it was with great "pride" we played this year. We want to thank Kris Mounier for a great event once again raising over $6,500 USD for a great cause. This year was the Nyaka School for Children Orphaned Due to HIV/AIDS.

Play for me Z man!

They come in they say!

View from the back....

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Temple Of Love Show @ Shangria

On August 7th we had our Temple Of Love show at Shangria in support of peace in Tibet and we announced the winner of the Tibetan Peace Torch Contest sponsored by Izzy Cole Photography.

The winner was Hidden Beach Island - Little Nepal - Annapurna Onomatopoeia

Congratulations Annapurna and thank you for your beautiful pic.

More Peace Torch Photos From The Sims Can be Seen At

Shakti opened with a meditation for Peace

Buddha was happy...

More Pics From This Show @

Temple Of Love Festival

On August 6th we had our gathering and meditation for at the Tibetan Stupa on Shangria. We want to thank everyone that came and contributed a candle and the list of sims are below.

Shangria - Dannon Robbiani
Shangria - Shakti Cianci
Breast Cancer Awareness garden on Edel 1 - Akasha Divisadero
Fairchang, quebrada - Akahsa Divisadero
Orivesi - Akahsa Divisadero
Kenilworth - Akasha DivisaderoCote d Ivoire - Akasha Divisadero
Nefrax - Oz Ducatilllion
Ginsberg - Tommy Parrott
Ivy Falls - Rekka Berchot
Ron Paul - Metaverse TV - Angelico Babii, Anjula Basevi, Angelo Sydney
Metaverse Media Group - Cypress Rosewood
AldaLaer - Cypress Rosewood
Columbia - Izzy Cole
Cote d Ivoire - Izzy Cole
Break Of Dawn - Moda Modeling School
French Quarter - Cypress Rosewood
Blues Bayou - Cypress Rosewood
Palm Caye - LadyRed Sauterau
Seasons Alter - Liquidiamond Frost
Yule - Liquidiamond Frost
Yule - Unity Temple - Hecate Cortes
Yule - Inner Goddess - Hecate Cortes
Buckler - Glam Kitties - JayR Cela
Buckler - JayR's Rental
Mallard - Castle Outcast - JayR Cela
Mallard - JayRs Castle OutcastIsle
Somera North - Celestial Castle - Anya Heberle
energy island - Soreia Shilova
Abaco - Kandi Carnell
Odessa - Kandi Carnell
Odessa Extravagant - Kandi Carnell
Naya - Ring Ray
Kahona - Altonia Jewell
Tamarind - Luner McBride
Brabham - Barbie Chaika
Audy Flex - Synthfreak Asbrink
Seogwipo - Francesca Alva Audy Flex
Fenric - Francesca Alva & Audy Flex
Castillia East - Gianna Xi & Dragorio Duettmann
Ku - Tori Heart
Jewelprivate01 - Spider Broek
Jewel 4U Estates Rentals
Jewel - Spider Broek
Jewel01 - Spider Broek
Jewel2 - Spider Broek
Jewel02 - Spider Broek
Jewel3 - Spider Broek
Jewel5 - Spider Broek
Jewel08 - Spider Broek
Saiijo City - Spin Martin
Rieul - Dakini Rhode - Tara Ling Shrine
Rich Island - NAG Estate - EdDereDde Laval
Tethys SL Public Lands - Midnight Wolf Grotto
Birmingham City - Lady Sakai
Castle Bromwich City - Lady Sakai
Coloane - Arat Levitt
Amberdragon Realm - Nadine Defiant
Plush Phi - Nevin Khalifa
Virgin Island - Amiryu Hosoi
TrueBlood - Karine KobaQT Labs - QT Apogee
Enchanted Realm - Tressie Jetaime
Triplefin - Loch Harlan
Jokai - skidz Tweak
Blarn Isle - Elfulgent Brown
La Musique-Musique Gable
Resurgence-Thebaron Sands
Lydia Mlner-Howlin Wolf
Serafina island-Sofia Standish
Pandara - Lissi Desideri
Boogie Beach - Roxie Dixon
Australia - Ritchey Sealy Gallery
Royal Properties - Avenue Models - Rush Raymaker
Serafina Island - Sofia Standish
Gunda - Weazus Freenote
Aloha Sands - Dionysus55 Low
Kookaburra - Ancient Roar
Hollister - Dan Pevensey
South - Zena Juran
Zeds Pitch - PCGtussi Zabelin
Goby - Dorothea Lundquist
Vice Eternity - Normand Carter
Cranberry - Ross Mounier
Velvet Lounge - Stephe Ehrler
Perl isles-Lufty Inshan
Blarn Isle-Elfulgent brown
Steiteben-Hiroshi Tanable
Venice Beach - Anita Langdon
Valley Of Tears - Beni Cross
Archan - Martonse Dryke
Hidden Beach Island - Little Nepal - Annapurna Onomatopoeia
Bondomia villas - Peace Castle - Zebulon2 Albion
Forest Sangha - Zach Larsen
The Healing Pool - Mystic Dome - Nina Lancaster
Gaden Gardens - Terri Holrych
Tibet - Wizard Gynoid
Dreamworld NW - Wizard Gynoid
Goa Beach Resort - Ianthe Frey
Pheosia - Weird Shit - Moon Cole
Shengri La Peace - Wizard Gynoid
Alua - Serene Republic
Kuula - Serene Republic
Charry Palm Isle - Serene Republic
Chronicles Of Nerdia - Kejira Ansar
Butler - Shuri Castle - InuYasha Meiji
Eternal Promethea - Ebne Falworth
Cafe Virtuality - Womens Center - Ana Herzog
Isla de Gatos- Mulandir Rossini
Fuyuryukai-Walter Ireton
Benvolio - Rad Nolder
Hauwai - RJ Muni
LeVey Palou - Crazy Devil
Mandela - Resting Thor
Fable - Shambhala - Angelor Galanter

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Temple Of Love Festival Update

7th August
Candle Vigil -9pm SLT inside Tibetan Stupa on Shangria

You are all invited to share in a peaceful candle vigil in the stupa in support of a peaceful resolution for the Tibetan people. We will stream the music of Tibetan singer Yungchen Lhamo from her CD "Ama'. Everyone who has placed a candle on their sim please go & register the candle at if you do not do this your candle doesnt count in the official total. We cannot do this for you. Its very easy just your name and email address is all they ask for and some people are even including their avatar pic on the map.

Friday 8th August

Announcement of winner of the Tibetan Peace Torch Photo ContestPrize
5000L donated by Izzy Cole Photography Studio.

We are having a contest for your Tibetan Peace Torch. Send us pictures of your torch on your sim. Izzy Cole Photography is donating 5000 Linden for a picture of the most beautiful setting of the torch. The contest will be judged by Shakti Cianci and Izzy Cole, and will be announced at the festival on August 8th. 'Please send your entries to Izzy by midnight SL time August 6th. The winning picture will be displayed on Shangria at SpaceJunky Plaza with a LM to your sim or business. Both snapshots and photoshopped pics will be accepted. Light up your sim and let us see what you have done!

For more info contact SpaceJunky Publicist Bella Dutton

Inspire Design
Izzy Cole Photography

MoonSmart Events

Crystal Gypsy Designs

Shakti's music video "Temple Of Love" filmed in Tibet is being considered for Emmy Award winning CurrentTV a major cable and satellite television network in the US whose chairman is Al Gore. Please go to this link and sign up and vote for the video, let's help get this on a major TV network in the US!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shakti on The Late Show & SpaceJunky in the Metaverse Tribune

Shakti is interviewed by Angelico Babii on "The Late Show" about and the upcoming Temple Of Love Festival on Shangria.

Also "The Metaverse Tribune" launched today and SpaceJunky is the first musical artist to be featured.