Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back At The RIff Club! - SIM CAPPED

Sept 29th saw us back at the Riff Club...yes we managed to get in early so we weren't locked it wasnt long before the SIM was full....Alpha Crew were in chat mode throughout the show and some were even trawling the SIM boundaries trying to get in......while Shakti and Nemesis were ramping up the PQE to squeeze them into that too full SIM.....Shakti was telling the crowd to get pull together and beam them in and what do you know all of a sudden.......there they were...they were in! Flown to the SIM boundary and just wouldnt take no for an answer....even though the SIM was capped...You got love a healthy does of PQE and Cosmic Love.

Lasers Of Love

Who Me?

Is This Dress Too Short?

Caught In The Alien Solar Flare - Solarised!!

Jump For Joy

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Imogen Designs - SIM CRASHED

On Sept 29th Tommy rezzed us a stage outside a beautiful store called Imogen Designs owned by Imogen Demozay. Imogen Designs is a wonderful furniture store with 8000ms of everything you could possibly want for your home. The party rocked so hard we crashed the SIM 2/3rd of the way through the show which is a terrible way to end a party....getting sent home! I felt so bad the show ended like that but we were soon to learn Imogen was off to meet her SL love in RL Christos Atlantis and we had been asked to do her going away party at our new Amphitheatre....stay tuned...cosmic love beams coming.........

Zaphod's On Fire!

in A Blue Mood

Saturn In The Background

Roland Keyboards Always Rock

Look At Those Lights!

Party!! PArty!!
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Grote Market - Groningen

On Sept 29th we played a festival in Groningen which is in Holland. It was a great night
and these people know how to party! Ivo Krupinski filmed the event and we'll soon have in up for you to see. In fact when Bella checked in with him last night it seems he was listening to SpaceJunky and working on it, stay tuned for more details!!!
Band is rocking!

Shakti talks to the crowd.

Zaphod waves to his

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Sublime Goddess Festival

On Sept 22nd we played the Sublime Goddess Festival, which is a Witchcraft Sim devoted to Magic in SL. It was a great show and the place is full of "good vibes".
Spreading Cosmic Love!

Shakti Goes Into Trance

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stilettos Nightclub - Ariel & Dannons Wedding

On Sept 22nd we played a wedding for 2 new friends Ariel Attila and Dannon Robbiani. They are great people and true soul mates and we wish them every happiness in their new life together. Imagine how surprised we were when Dannon told us he built a cathedral to marry his Queen romantic!! This cathedral is the most beautiful I have seen in all of SL and they rent it out for weddings.....go now... look no even has a working pipe organ that plays Tocatta & Fugue in D Minor. Located in the "City Of Darkness" an amazing new Roleplay Sim.

The Wedding

The Cathedral

Showing some PQE for the happy couple!

Z looks pretty

Pretty In Pink

Shakti Dancing
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Sea Dreams Culture Club

On Sept 22nd we did a show at Sea Dreams Culture Club, a beautiful Sim dedicated to entertainment and art.

The view from the drums

Zaphod Burning Up

The Aliens answer the call.....

Zaphod rocking a new move...

Gorgeous Z....

Monday, October 22, 2007


On Sept 21st we rocked the VLS. A great venue with a cool stage.
Zaphod Blazing!

Shakti showing off her new tatto from Renato Surtees.
Rethink your Ink!

Are the aliens "out there"? I think they are here!
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The Note - Jenzine Webzine Sept Issue Release Party

On Sept 16th we played "The Note" a French venue owned by Jenzine Webzine Miles, who owns the Jenzine Webzine which is a RL online music magazine. Miles was kind enough to give us the cover and an article on our new RL CD "Resident Alien" for their Sept Issue so we did a show to celebrate the monthly issue release. Check it out at

Sept Issue Of Jenzine Webzine
Jenzine Webzine Miles with SpaceJunky after show.

Zaphod & Shakti Get Down

Zavier Throwing The Groove Down

Did anyone say Cafe Latte?

Cosmic Kisses All Around

The Riff Rock Club - SIM CRASHED!

Well Sept 15th marked a new height in SpaceJunkys tour. This was the first day we officially crashed a SIM! Yeah Loch, Barbie and Selina bring the party hard and fast and so imagine when we logged in to find we couldnt get in to our own show!! LOL!!Yes we were reduced to sitting on a neighbouring beach while Izzy and Zekk drank Jack Daniels the SpaceJunky production crews drink of choice with Shakti wondering if they were going to pass out drunk before we they even got to the show.After some serious PQE was injected into the situation Loch and Barbie finally got us in and the show was off the richter scale....or should I say Riffter scale!! At the end of the show new friendships were forged with the Riff and as we all stood around laughing and joking the sim crashed - back to the WIRE FRAME!.......

Shakti Singing Femme Fatale

Zekk rocking out with the Riff Girls!!

Zaphod being all Buddha like!

Shakti & Zaphod Just Happy They They Got In The Sim!
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On Sept 14th we played a great club owned by a fellow aussies Inanna Rau and her partner Darksinder - its a great club with a great vibe be sure to check it out!
Zaphod In The Spotlight

Shakti Playing Keys
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Meet Our Stage Manager Tommy Parrott

Well it was our lucky day the night we showed up at the Ginsberg Gallery to perform. We had met the owner and art curator the night before when we explored this beautiful SIM and so imagine our surprise when we showed up for the show and he has not only set up lights for us but after the show offers to be our new stage manager and lighting designer too. Tommy is now the head of our production crew in SL and the CEO of Smart Staging and Lighting . Let's just say the man is THE perfectionist! Not to mention a great friend of SpaceJunky....Love Ya T.

The Ginsberg ART Center

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Yves & Elises Wedding

On Sept 14th a fellow musician and his fiance Elise were married and SpaceJunky was honored that they asked us to play at their special event. Yves is the lead singer for the band Grensgreval and we wish them all the best for the future. Maytheir lives together be one of great happiness.

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Monday, October 1, 2007

SpaceJunky Builds Mission Control Amphitheatre!

Sept 11th was an exciting day for us as Millions Of Us invited us to bring our home and Mission Control to one of their islands called Tunes. We would like to extend our thanks to Millions Of Us
for helping to support our mission and become partners in our dream. A special thank you goes out to Celebrity Millions Of Us for co-ordinating this land project.
The new land, for Mission Control & The New SpaceJunky Amphitheatre

SpaceJunky's production crew teleport in to survey the new land.

The team discuss the exciting possibilities, as an orb of energy streams lightbeams from the sun!

Nemesis cant resist a spontaneous burst of Pure Quantum Energy to cleanse the land and prepare for the build.

Shakti gives thanks to the the SL gods and goddesses for giving SpaceJunky a new home and asks the invisible beings that are gate keepers of the land for their blessing for the project and to support and help the team.