Sunday, September 13, 2009

SpaceJunky Island Opens With New Look

On Sept 18th the Australian band SpaceJunky will have a big celebration at Planet 7 on SpaceJunky Island. The whole sim has been redesigned as a beautiful floating crystal city by Dannon Robbiani at Inspire Design and SpaceJunky will perform a concert at the main stage at 7pm. There will be other events that night too, and special freebies from the stores, including fashion designs exclusive to the island from Bare Rose and Solanges.
Friday Sept 18th

2pm - 3pm "Harlan"
The Harlan: Crystal City grand opening is welcome to all!! During the grand opening on Friday, we will be gicing away Free Harlan Chameleon Kicks to any who stop by, as well as a chance to win a pair of upcoming, unreleased Harlan Maiden England Boots....item #1 in the upcoming Rocker series!! Don't miss it!

3pm-4pm "Hex"
Everything in the store will be 50% off for this day only.
A present is hidden somewhere here in the store for you!

3pm-4pm BDD Designs
Grand Opening - new designs, street, surf, skate and casual for guys
Special gift also

3pm - 4pm " OuTRage"
50% off sale on all items in the store for this hour only.
Free Simplicity dress in Violet for this hour only.
Color is exclusive to this giveaway!

4pm-6pm "DJ Sunset @ SpaceJunky Amphitheatre"
Head back to the future with 80's music with DJ sunset live in at the
star dance floor at SpaceJunky Amphitheatre!

4pm-6pm "Sunset's Forget Me Not Fashions"
50% off 5 new outfits that are exclusive to the island this weekend.
50% off Seductress, Carnation, Kaleidoscope, Sparkle, Cosmic Love Faerie
2 Freebies also for the girls
Cosmic Love Faerie - Magenta and Charisma - Hot Pink

4pm-5pm "SpaceJunky Mission Control" & "Crystal Gypsy Designs"
50% off select items and gift of brand new SpaceJunky TShirts!
Come meet Shakti from the band and chat with her!
Also see all her beautiful crystals including a special one she has as a gift

4pm-5pm "Izzy Cole Photography Studio"
Meet SpaceJunky's SL photographer Izzy Cole at his studio. On display are some of his favorite pictures...of the band and of others. Come and chat with him about his work and how he can make you look like a rockstar! Get a free autographed pic of SpaceJunky!

5pm-6pm "I Am In A Vision" Isis008 Magic Spiritual Art by Isis008 Magic 100L for items that would normally sell for 200L -500L during this hour

5pm-6pm "Solange! Fashions"
Come and get an exclusive Solange! Designer original ONLY available during this event!
6pm-7pm - Check out these other great stores
Inspire Design
Smart Building & Construction Home to the best waves in SL
Riviera Couture
Muxes Magic Box


7pm-8pm "Bare Rose Grand Opening"
During the show BARE ROSE will be giving away a special design by June inspired by Shakti. It will be an island exclusive!!!
Concert After Party @ Galaxy Dome Club
8.15pm - 9.30pm DJ SnoFoxx
9.30pm - DJ Loch Harlan
Saturday September 19th
8pm - 8.30pm - Temple Of Cosmic Love - Meditation
Come meditate with Shakti with a guided meditation throught the 7 chakras featuring background music from her "7 Tears Of Tara" CD. Be spiritually cleansed in the violet flame

Bare Rose 4th Anniversary Show!

On August 22nd our good friend June at Bare Rose asked SpaceJunky to perform to commemorate their 4th Anniversary. Of course we said yes....and June even did a special outfit for Shakti to wear that was inspired by Barbarella which Shakti and Bella modeled with Tori. Happy Birthday Bare wouldnt be SL without you!

Space Agent Ad

Bella and Tommy discussing last minute details.
And the show starts!

Miss Bella has time for a quick dance.

Shakti wears Space Agent!

Zaphod fires off!

The aliens come for Shakti and say......Take me to your designer!...I think they want new skins June!

Feeling the love

Izzy, Isis and Dannon....hmmm is that the tip jar??



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Raeven's Birthday

On August 19th we did a surprise birthday show for a very special Alpha Crew member Raeven Diesel. Her husband Ice planned us to play for her special day and kept it a secret right up to where I tped her to the stage....what a guy...Ice you get major points for being a sweet man...and Raeven....Happy Birthday!
Raeven TPs to the stage....with no idea about what was happening..

On With The Show!

Ice and Rae surrounded with butterflies..

Z are you flipping the bird?


Did Shakti have a wardrobe malfunction?

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Shakti @ Bella's Birthday!

On August 14th Izzy and the boys planned a surprise birthday party for Shakti & Bella....where else but at Australia! They were both surprised and a good time was had by all....especially when Shakti saw what Isis had made her.....a place where people could donate their kidneys to raise money to see SpaceJunky in RL....something the crew had been joking about a few days before....I think there are already 7 in the dish......look below you can count them!

Party In The Australian Outback!

Moxy Barracuda gets the party started!

Birthday Girls..

Later they went back to the beginning of the build for The Crystal City.... Dannons birthday present to Shakti

Can we say Elvis Kitty!!

Yes they ARE the kidneys!

Shakti is overcome that people would actually give kidneys to see SpaceJunky perform in RL ....even if only "virtual ones"!
Shakti checks out a beautiful birthday gift from Izzy.

Thanks ya..:-)

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cosmic Vision by Shakti Cianci

This is from Shakti's solo piano meditation CD "7 Tears Of Tara" which can be purchased here

A Stretch Mayo Film

Shakti @ The Piano

Sunset Pevensey

Stretch Mayo....Mr Director Himself!

Tai Chi boys..Izzy leading...or are they shielding themselves from the sun?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Riff Club

August 1st saw a very special gig as we went back to one of our favorite places in SL....a club and group of people who have been SpaceJunky supporters of the staunchest kind....THE RIFF CLUB!.....yes the Loch man is back in saddle and it never rocked so hard.....glad you're back Loch Man!!

View from uptop

Who is that masked furry.....

The aliens got Shak...

Took her to Planet 7

Play those Blues Z.......

I Bow Down Before

Love Ya Riff!

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SLB6 Second Life Birthday!!!!

On June 30th SpaceJunky closed the show at Second Life's 6th Birthday! It was held up in the sky on a special platform made by none other than Poid Mahovlich...who did a spectacular job as always... Thanks Poid and also a big special thanks to Glimmer Silverstar, Phaylen Fairchild and the rest of the staff for all their hard work.
Shakti @ Zaphod get the show on the road

The stage was set way up in the air on a special skyplatform...thanks Poid!

Room with a view!

And another.....

View from the back

Got to have a birthday cake...


What was that lyric again?

Cosmic Love...

Z...I bow down to thee...

Tommy's fireworks closed the show

And more.....pretty

Alien glow

Cosmic Shower
And fade to white.......

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