Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Killer Coat Winners! - Congratulations!!

On behalf of SpaceJunky we would like to thank all the designers for the beautiful designs entered in our Killer Coat award at the Merovingi Awards. The winner was a tie between Dark Eden and Bare Rose and both coats will be featured in the new video for the song "Killer Coat".

We truly appreciate your talent and that you offered your work to us for this award.
The nominees were

Light In The Void - Bare Rose - WINNER!
SpaceJunky Mania Jacket - Dark Eden - WINNER!
The Kitty Box
Vience Couture
Formal Affair

You can see the winning coats on the designers blogs here......



More to come from the awards soon!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

SpaceJunky interviewed for Slanglife Magazine

SpaceJunky are also featured on the cover and an interview for SlangLife Magazine!

Shakti on cover of DeJa Vu International!

Hi Alpha Crew,

Just wanted to let you know that Shakti has been featured on the cover of DeJaVu International,
a very prestigous Japanese fashion magazine. She is also interviewed. Read it here.


SpaceJunky On Metaverse TV

Hi Alpha Crew,

Here is the weblink to the interview with Shakti about SpaceJunky and Metaverse TV.

**Cosmic love ane peace SJ**

Shaktis RL Jewelry Company Featured in Modarazzi

Hi Alpha Crew,

Shakti's RL Jewelery Company- Crystal Gypsy Designs has been featured in a RL/SL Magazine "Modarazzi"The article talks about her Tibetan Jewelry, each piece is energized with reiki and incorporates ancient Tibetan Artifacts.

Here is the link:

Maximum Purple Redstar!

On March 22nd we played an awesome club in Germany called Mamimum Purple Redstar. This club is one of the most sophisticated clubs in SL and we had over 70 people partying down.
if you havent checked this club out make sure you do! And Ben is a darling.

Shak's got her eye on someone

Shakti likes this club.

Cosmic Love filled the air.

Stealth and Bella partying down.

Rockgod Zaphod - scream for me!!!!

More Pics From This Show @

Riff Club - Happy Birthday Barbie!!

March 16th was back at the Riff for Barbie's Birthday, the Riff have been some of the biggest supprters of SpaceJunky and so tonight we rocked hard for Barbies Birthday and then also found out it was Selinas too..........Rock On!

Go Zaphod
B'day Girl - Barbie!
The force was with Bella...

Another good night was had!

More Pics from This Show @

Friday, April 25, 2008

Space Night @ Club Fantasy!

On March 16th we played Club Fantasy again owned our very own Stealth Villota. Tonights theme was space, so everyone came from Darth Vader to Princess Leia, and spacepeople and aliens were everywhere. Shakti even turned up as her pleadian self in her blue skin and Zaphod was Chewbacca!......!!

Chewbacca in all his glory

Shakti is all charged up

Rock On!

Club Fantasy Rocks!!!!

Stormtroopers in attendance!

More Pics From This Show Can Be Seen At

Ivy Falls Show

On March 10th we played at the beautiful Ivy Falls, a place of gorgeous waterfalls just like the name suggests. We want to thank everyone who made this a success.

I'm just hanging around...

Come up the front Z..

Z is on fire!

PQE Specialist at her best

More Pics From This Show @

Red Earth Mall Opening!

In march 10th we opened the brand new mall called Red Earth built by Dannon Robbiani of Inspire Design.
Read Bella's blog here .......
Pretty in pink and blue..

I hope they are friendly!
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Friday, April 18, 2008

2nd Temple Of Love Festival

On March 9th we held the 2nd Temple Of Love Festival which is a fundraiser to help build the Potala Palace in SL. It was hosted at Ginsberg Art Gallery at the Grand Amphitheater and then we played a show at Babylon 6 to close. It was an amazing fundraiser nd we raised $160,000Linden which has helped the DLTP move into their new sim that was donated recently, now we hope that the other sims can be sponsored quickly so that this great project can move forward quickly. Our hearts go out to the Tibetan people at this time and we hope the situation can be resolved peacefully for all concerned. Loving Kindness is the only way.......with a healthy dose of Cosmic Love & Positive Energy of course.

Bhikkhu Kamachi leads a beautiful meditation of loving kindness.

Loving kindness is the only way to peace within oneself.

Moxy takes the stage and rocks as always!!!

Positive energy abounds....

Galaxia Benoir stirs up the crowd and they love her....

Girls gone wild!
Spacejunky takes the stage!

Shakti & Zaphod rock it SpaceJunky style.

Shakti checks her PQE

Yes they are always out
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Music On The Isle

Taken from Bella's Blog.....@

On March 6th Space Junky appeared high in the clouds at Elysian Isle appearing on SLTV Music On The Isle.SLTV (Second Life TV Network) delivers virtual entertainment to the real world.All of the virtual tv cables and music stream came to life as Space Junky bought to life the feel of a RL concert in world.There music could be felt in all of the metaverse as well as being aired "live" on SLTV interacting with the audience with there amazing music from album Resident Alien as well as some songs only released in world.

The visual component of the stage,lighting and effects lit up SLCNTV as well as the band bringing to life there music with there amazing soul and energy.This energy could be felt through all of Second Life from homes to clubs broadcasting live from Music On The Isle. A big thank you to the amazing team at SLTV especially Twsted Ruggles and Starr Sonic!

Twsted Ruggles introduced us....

Shakti plays B3

PQE in the air!

Jayde & Oz 2 of our favorite Alpha Crew partying hard as always!

Yes they ARE out

Club Resurextion

On Feb 23rd, we took the party to a great club called Club Resurextion, it was a great night at an SL hotspot.

Electricity was in the air!

Look out for those gamma rays Z.
Zavier in the house....
More Pics From This Show @

SLanglife Magazine Party

On Feb 23rd we took the stage at the home of Slanglife Magazine, which is a great RL magazine about SL that is delivered to your door. Yes thats right people, a real glossy paper magazine about SL. We had a great show here and we were asked to have the honour of appearing in a cover story for the magazine. We'd like to personally thank Uzi Boa for making this possible and if you haven't already ordered your copy of the magazine you can do so by going here,

PQE was strong that night!

Tommy's new lights were amazing as always!

Feeling the love.

Go Zaphod!

Pretty In Purple!

The lights are hot!

Another great night out....Thanks SlangLife!
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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Club D'Fine

On Feb 15th we rocked the club D'Fine!

Zaphod works his magic!

The mothership lands again.
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Temple Of Love Festival - Fundraiser for The Dalai Lama Tibet Projects

On Feb 13th we held our first Temple Of Love Festival as a fundraiser for the Dalai Lama Tibet Projects in Second Life at the Ginsberg ART Center. The DLTP is the vision of Bhikkhu Kamachi who is a RL monk who whilst in virtual meditation conceived the idea to build the Potala Palace in SL as a gift of loveto His Holiness and invite the Dalai Lama in for an inaugaration ceremony and create a Tibetan community. The website for it is here

It was a wonderful festival featuring artists such as Moxy Barracuda Galaxia Benoir and Jax Streeter, followed by show by SpaceJunky, Ritchey Jacobus a wonderful artist both in SL and RL auctioned a Rl painting on Ebay and there were many wonderful businesses who donated to the cause including Aussie Icons, A Higher Porpoise, Fnordian Link, Ren's Design Tattoos and More, OD Designs, as well as SpaceJunkys sponsors and production crew and we humbly thank everyone who made this a success!
A highlight of the evening for Shakti was when Bhikkhu asked Shakti to be his spiritual and legal successor to the project in case circumstances beyond his control do not permit him to finish the project. Shakti humbly accepted this great honor and vowed to see it to completion but told Bhikkhu with a smile...."don't go visting any mountains just yet, we need you here...Namaste."

The Grand Amphitheater At Ginsberg

Shakti introduces Bhikkhu Kamachi

Loch Harlan warms up the crowd and starts the auction

Moxy Barracuda gets the crowd rocking!
The Sim was so full Jax couldnt get to his own show and we had to clear the sim!

Galaxia brings it with her soulful heartfelt songs and beuatiful stage presence.

SpaceJunky takes to the stage for some cosmic love.

Bhikkhu looks on as the band rocks.

PQE is is in the air and everyone is feeling the love.

Bhikkhu presents Shakti with the Rainbow Potala..a beautiful dream about to take shape in SL.
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