Friday, May 8, 2009

SpaceJunky @ Penn State, NYU & Belmont Music Business School

Last year just before Christmas Shakti was contacted by Plato Pizzicato who asked her if she would give his students at Penn State University a guided tour of SpaceJunky Island and tell them about marketing music in virtual worlds like Second Life and what their experience has been so far.

Shakti also talked to students from NYU Music Business class who were simulating A&R in Second Life. At record labels, A&R stands for "Artist and Repertoire" and these people at labels are responsible for finding new talent and artistic development. The A&R class at NYU voted SpaceJunky "Best Band in SL". Thank you NYU.

A student from Belmont Music Business College in Nashville is also doing a project on SpaceJunky. And the blog before this one documents the bands performance at Princeton.

Looks Like SpaceJunky are doing a "virtual college tour"!
Shakti and the band would like to send a special thanks to Plato Pizzicato @ Penn State and Professor AppleMoor @ NYU and of course all the students themselves.

Plato took pics.....To view pics from Penn State go to

Cosmic Love To All
SJ Crew