Thursday, December 27, 2007

SpaceJunky "Virtual Concerts" In Second Life

RL band SpaceJunky are reaching out to fans all over the world by using the virtual world of Second Life. Already in a few short months of playing "virtual concerts" they have a fan base of hundreds that reguarly come to shows to dance, interact with the band and each other and share the "cosmic love".
If you dont know anything about this do now....come on what are you waiting for?
Once you have an avatar in Second Life, come back here and click the link below and you will be taken straight into Second Life and teleport to SpaceJunky's State Of The Amphitheatre and Mission Control HQs where you can join the Alpha Crew Fan Club and come to a show.
......Its Free!!!

Click On Link Below To Go Into Second Life and straight to SpaceJunky's Mission Control HQ & Amphitheater!

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