Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bare Rose Grand Opening @ Shangria!

On August 1st we celebrated the opening of Bare Rose at Shangria. The store at Shangria will feature June's latest fashions so if youre in the mood to top up your Bare Rose wardrobe and need to get in quick and see the latest designs, Shangria is the place to do it. June has told us that the styles will be updated monthly so you'll always have the latest fashions available at Shangria.

Also we released that night the new video for Killer Coat! Filmed by the fabulous Stretch mayo himself! You can watch it below and it features Bare Rose and Dark Edens winning entries for the Killer Coat Award at the Merovingi Fashion Awards worn by June & Etain in person!!

June has also done a purple version of "Light In The Void" which was her winning entry which will only be sold at Shangria!! Thanks Tori & June!

Killer Coat......A Stretch Mayo Film

And the colors begin!

Neon prevails!

Wait...Shakti has purple hair?

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