Saturday, June 14, 2008

More Killer Coat Video!!

On May 18th and June 7th we shot more of the video for the song Killer Coat, which will feature the coats by June Dion of Bare Rose and Etain Peregrine of Dark Eden. It is being shot by the legendary Stretch Mayo who has done amazing work in SL, including his show "All Rezzed Up" which was featured on Verizon's website for some time. Shakti has seen a rough edit from Stretch and it's going to be awesome! You can see Stretch's work here at his website and catch up with Bare Rose and Dark Eden on their blogs
How Do I Look?

Stretch and Shakti discussing a shot

Oh No! Etain it's SOLD!!

Don't mess with these fillys.......!!

Play it Z..put your heart into

Shak & Kitty go shopping....(Kitty otherwise known as Dannon, but he is in danger of stealing the whole video due to uncontrollable cuteness, so Shak is keeping his ego in check by referring to him only as "Kittyboy".

Work it, work it!

Shak works its while Z rocks it!

Later that night Dannon took us up to the cove in his latest spaceship to party!
More Pics From This Show @

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