Sunday, September 13, 2009

Raeven's Birthday

On August 19th we did a surprise birthday show for a very special Alpha Crew member Raeven Diesel. Her husband Ice planned us to play for her special day and kept it a secret right up to where I tped her to the stage....what a guy...Ice you get major points for being a sweet man...and Raeven....Happy Birthday!
Raeven TPs to the stage....with no idea about what was happening..

On With The Show!

Ice and Rae surrounded with butterflies..

Z are you flipping the bird?


Did Shakti have a wardrobe malfunction?

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Raeven said...

Shakti, Zavier, Zaphod, Izzy, Tommy, and Bella, thank you so much for such a wonderful day! Ice surprised me with a concert given for me by The Stray Cats band, which come to find out was only the beginning of the party... and a cover up for the real gift.. your concert for me. Then Shakti TP's me in at the end of the first private concert to where she was.. and I landed on her stage... and the party continued. Half way thru Shakti makes a comment about our home.. and I look around to realize.. we were in my own back yard. You all really pulled that party off.. and to think how many people were involved and how many others knew about it and I never had a clue on any of it.. just amazes me. The concert was awesome... you all ALWAYS rock! Yes Shakti.. I agree.. Ice is a very sweet man! I am so very fortunate! Thank you all for such a wonderful day and for being such great, caring friends!
*warm hugs*

Ice Diesel said...

Wow, what can I say. Pulling off this suprise was a monumental task and an excersize in organized chaos. Special thanks to Shakti, Zaphod,Zavier,Bella,Izzy and Tommy. Everyone was professional in helping organize this event and keeping Raeven from even suspecting a thing. Thanks to all my friends that worked so hard behind the scenes to make this happen Dixie you were instrumental in helping me prep the sim to keep lag to a minium,Jinx what can I say Bro you Rawk the effort you put into distracting Raeven was awsome! Joey,Kallia,Chica,Maddie,Sax and all the Killa Beez, when everything turned upsidedown and Rae decided to stay online for 36 hours straight the day before the show you all were awsome in helping me pull this off! It's jus amazing what all our great friends went thru to make this happen. I Love ya all and I'm honored to have ya all as friends!

Kai said...

I want to say thank you to Shakti, Zaphod,Zavier for making one of my very best friend's rez day so amazing. The show rocked, the party was amazing and the band was STELLAR!Your right Shakti Ice is amazing just not as amazing as Rae but we wont tell him that ;) j/k bub i love you!!!ROCK ON xoxox