Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SLB6 Second Life Birthday!!!!

On June 30th SpaceJunky closed the show at Second Life's 6th Birthday! It was held up in the sky on a special platform made by none other than Poid Mahovlich...who did a spectacular job as always... Thanks Poid and also a big special thanks to Glimmer Silverstar, Phaylen Fairchild and the rest of the staff for all their hard work.
Shakti @ Zaphod get the show on the road

The stage was set way up in the air on a special skyplatform...thanks Poid!

Room with a view!

And another.....

View from the back

Got to have a birthday cake...


What was that lyric again?

Cosmic Love...

Z...I bow down to thee...

Tommy's fireworks closed the show

And more.....pretty

Alien glow

Cosmic Shower
And fade to white.......

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