Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back At The RIff Club! - SIM CAPPED

Sept 29th saw us back at the Riff Club...yes we managed to get in early so we weren't locked it wasnt long before the SIM was full....Alpha Crew were in chat mode throughout the show and some were even trawling the SIM boundaries trying to get in......while Shakti and Nemesis were ramping up the PQE to squeeze them into that too full SIM.....Shakti was telling the crowd to get pull together and beam them in and what do you know all of a sudden.......there they were...they were in! Flown to the SIM boundary and just wouldnt take no for an answer....even though the SIM was capped...You got love a healthy does of PQE and Cosmic Love.

Lasers Of Love

Who Me?

Is This Dress Too Short?

Caught In The Alien Solar Flare - Solarised!!

Jump For Joy

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