Thursday, October 25, 2007

Imogen Designs - SIM CRASHED

On Sept 29th Tommy rezzed us a stage outside a beautiful store called Imogen Designs owned by Imogen Demozay. Imogen Designs is a wonderful furniture store with 8000ms of everything you could possibly want for your home. The party rocked so hard we crashed the SIM 2/3rd of the way through the show which is a terrible way to end a party....getting sent home! I felt so bad the show ended like that but we were soon to learn Imogen was off to meet her SL love in RL Christos Atlantis and we had been asked to do her going away party at our new Amphitheatre....stay tuned...cosmic love beams coming.........

Zaphod's On Fire!

in A Blue Mood

Saturn In The Background

Roland Keyboards Always Rock

Look At Those Lights!

Party!! PArty!!
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