Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Introducing WIzard Gynoid

In Wizzi's profile it says she wants to "live like a movie star, party like a rockstar and....." well we wont get into that....LOL......Meet Wizard Gynoid but you can call her Wizzi. Wizzi is our wonderful Calendar Queen who keeps our shows posted for SpaceJunky. Always has a beautiful smile like all our SJ girls and shares her warmth through delightful giggles. She's a High Priestess so what she says goes.....:-)

She's also a talented builder and scriptor and she specializes in Sacred Geometry. We have collaborated on some creations such as the Cosmic Love Generator that we will be using our shows in 2008 and she is the creator of the giant stellated rhombicuboctahedron, (thats' clever talk for "huge star") you can see from the air at our HQ's on Tunes Island.. Stop by Mission Control to learn more about them and other items we have for sale.

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