Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SpaceJunky Amphitheatre Grand Opening Of Mission Control

On Nov 10th we had the Grand Opening of the SpaceJunky Amphitheater - Mission Control on Tunes Island built by our very own Mr Tommy Parrott. Tommy is a master builder as well as SpaceJunky's stage manager and lighting designer and a HUGE thank you goes out to him for his hard work and beautiful build as well as Millions Of Us who were kind enough to let us build on Tunes Island. Shakti took care of the HQs building where there is a listening room that connnects you through to iTunes and CdBaby to listen or purchase their album "Resident Alien". Also in the sky is a meditation pyramid which will be opening soon which will feature a meditation bed where you will be able to listen to excerpts from "7 tears of tara" a meditation CD on the 7 chakras by Shakti. But back to the opening........

Shakti got her hair done especially for the occaison!

Thanks again to Millions Of Us!

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