Friday, January 18, 2008

SpaceJunky plays Taris the Star Wars Sim!

On Nov 30th we played the Star Wars Sim at the invitation of the owner, our good friend Furia, to come and bring some PQE and Cosmic Love and mingle with the force and the result was one of the bands favorite shows in SL so far. The bands friend Wizzi Gynoid had performed the hook up between Furia and Shakti and we'll be introducing you to Wizzi soon as the newest member of our production crew.

Bobafett was in residence to inform Shakti that she had a bounty on her head and it was one of the highest in the universe......Shakti earlier had laughed at this and reminded Bobafett that the show had been designated a no combat zone therefore he would not be granted permission to the Sim if he was there to cause trouble......Bobafett rescinded and told Shakti he would behave by being her security for the evening incase there were other bounty hunters lurking....Shakti agreed but was reminded that once the stageship left Taris all bets were off to which Shakti'll never catch my ship......LOL.......!!

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Bobafett on his best behaviour

Feeling the force!

I wonder just how high that bounty is?

Other aliens drop in for the show..

Dreaming of peace in the universe..

Cosmic Love is flowing...

PQE joins the force.

Tegg our new mascot in the background there...

Furia shows her stuff....
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