Monday, October 22, 2007

The Riff Rock Club - SIM CRASHED!

Well Sept 15th marked a new height in SpaceJunkys tour. This was the first day we officially crashed a SIM! Yeah Loch, Barbie and Selina bring the party hard and fast and so imagine when we logged in to find we couldnt get in to our own show!! LOL!!Yes we were reduced to sitting on a neighbouring beach while Izzy and Zekk drank Jack Daniels the SpaceJunky production crews drink of choice with Shakti wondering if they were going to pass out drunk before we they even got to the show.After some serious PQE was injected into the situation Loch and Barbie finally got us in and the show was off the richter scale....or should I say Riffter scale!! At the end of the show new friendships were forged with the Riff and as we all stood around laughing and joking the sim crashed - back to the WIRE FRAME!.......

Shakti Singing Femme Fatale

Zekk rocking out with the Riff Girls!!

Zaphod being all Buddha like!

Shakti & Zaphod Just Happy They They Got In The Sim!
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