Monday, October 1, 2007

SpaceJunky Builds Mission Control Amphitheatre!

Sept 11th was an exciting day for us as Millions Of Us invited us to bring our home and Mission Control to one of their islands called Tunes. We would like to extend our thanks to Millions Of Us
for helping to support our mission and become partners in our dream. A special thank you goes out to Celebrity Millions Of Us for co-ordinating this land project.
The new land, for Mission Control & The New SpaceJunky Amphitheatre

SpaceJunky's production crew teleport in to survey the new land.

The team discuss the exciting possibilities, as an orb of energy streams lightbeams from the sun!

Nemesis cant resist a spontaneous burst of Pure Quantum Energy to cleanse the land and prepare for the build.

Shakti gives thanks to the the SL gods and goddesses for giving SpaceJunky a new home and asks the invisible beings that are gate keepers of the land for their blessing for the project and to support and help the team.

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