Friday, April 18, 2008

2nd Temple Of Love Festival

On March 9th we held the 2nd Temple Of Love Festival which is a fundraiser to help build the Potala Palace in SL. It was hosted at Ginsberg Art Gallery at the Grand Amphitheater and then we played a show at Babylon 6 to close. It was an amazing fundraiser nd we raised $160,000Linden which has helped the DLTP move into their new sim that was donated recently, now we hope that the other sims can be sponsored quickly so that this great project can move forward quickly. Our hearts go out to the Tibetan people at this time and we hope the situation can be resolved peacefully for all concerned. Loving Kindness is the only way.......with a healthy dose of Cosmic Love & Positive Energy of course.

Bhikkhu Kamachi leads a beautiful meditation of loving kindness.

Loving kindness is the only way to peace within oneself.

Moxy takes the stage and rocks as always!!!

Positive energy abounds....

Galaxia Benoir stirs up the crowd and they love her....

Girls gone wild!
Spacejunky takes the stage!

Shakti & Zaphod rock it SpaceJunky style.

Shakti checks her PQE

Yes they are always out
More Pics From This Show @

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