Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Temple Of Love Festival - Fundraiser for The Dalai Lama Tibet Projects

On Feb 13th we held our first Temple Of Love Festival as a fundraiser for the Dalai Lama Tibet Projects in Second Life at the Ginsberg ART Center. The DLTP is the vision of Bhikkhu Kamachi who is a RL monk who whilst in virtual meditation conceived the idea to build the Potala Palace in SL as a gift of loveto His Holiness and invite the Dalai Lama in for an inaugaration ceremony and create a Tibetan community. The website for it is here

It was a wonderful festival featuring artists such as Moxy Barracuda Galaxia Benoir and Jax Streeter, followed by show by SpaceJunky, Ritchey Jacobus a wonderful artist both in SL and RL auctioned a Rl painting on Ebay and there were many wonderful businesses who donated to the cause including Aussie Icons, A Higher Porpoise, Fnordian Link, Ren's Design Tattoos and More, OD Designs, as well as SpaceJunkys sponsors and production crew and we humbly thank everyone who made this a success!
A highlight of the evening for Shakti was when Bhikkhu asked Shakti to be his spiritual and legal successor to the project in case circumstances beyond his control do not permit him to finish the project. Shakti humbly accepted this great honor and vowed to see it to completion but told Bhikkhu with a smile...."don't go visting any mountains just yet, we need you here...Namaste."

The Grand Amphitheater At Ginsberg

Shakti introduces Bhikkhu Kamachi

Loch Harlan warms up the crowd and starts the auction

Moxy Barracuda gets the crowd rocking!
The Sim was so full Jax couldnt get to his own show and we had to clear the sim!

Galaxia brings it with her soulful heartfelt songs and beuatiful stage presence.

SpaceJunky takes to the stage for some cosmic love.

Bhikkhu looks on as the band rocks.

PQE is is in the air and everyone is feeling the love.

Bhikkhu presents Shakti with the Rainbow Potala..a beautiful dream about to take shape in SL.
More Pics from This Show @

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