Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sublime Goddess

Taken from Bella's blog

On the 2nd Feb Space Junky played at Sublime Goddess for Imbolc,which is a festival of the Irish calender-cross quarter day on the solar calender, halfway between winter and the solstice and spring equinox.Highly celebrated amongst Gaelic and other Celtic cults.It was dedicated to Goddess Brigid in the Christian period and was adopted as St Brigids Day.Brigid was the goddess of healing, poetry and smithcraft.She also is represented by fire and purification. As seen in the rituals by Subline Goddess for Imbolc.The lights of the candles represent warmth and increase power of the sun over the months.It was amazing for all walks of sl came together for this important day. All feeling the symbolism of Sublime Goddess Imbolc Day-with purity, growth, renewal as well as the reunion of the Goddess as well as the God,fertility and dispending of the old and making way for the new.

Space Junky bought to life Imbolc, SJ music touched souls bringing to life the music, through state of the art effects and pyrotechnics co ordinated and colours especially for Imbolc to represent the colours and energy of it,whites,pinks,red, greens, yellows and browns.Space Junky bought to life the goddess and you could feel a certain energy and presence during the show,Subline Goddess is a mythical place where the spiritual realm can be felt, where our good friend Adriane Homewood and her amazing team can teach, share and want everyone to be part of this amazing journey.A sim to go check out as well as take in one of Adriane Homewoods amazing lectures.

Feel The Fire
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