Sunday, April 13, 2008

Music On The Isle

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On March 6th Space Junky appeared high in the clouds at Elysian Isle appearing on SLTV Music On The Isle.SLTV (Second Life TV Network) delivers virtual entertainment to the real world.All of the virtual tv cables and music stream came to life as Space Junky bought to life the feel of a RL concert in world.There music could be felt in all of the metaverse as well as being aired "live" on SLTV interacting with the audience with there amazing music from album Resident Alien as well as some songs only released in world.

The visual component of the stage,lighting and effects lit up SLCNTV as well as the band bringing to life there music with there amazing soul and energy.This energy could be felt through all of Second Life from homes to clubs broadcasting live from Music On The Isle. A big thank you to the amazing team at SLTV especially Twsted Ruggles and Starr Sonic!

Twsted Ruggles introduced us....

Shakti plays B3

PQE in the air!

Jayde & Oz 2 of our favorite Alpha Crew partying hard as always!

Yes they ARE out

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